Virtual Fitting Room Technology
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Experience our virtual fitting room technology with hundreds of real digitised clothes to try with your customised 3d body.

What we offer

fully 3d visualisation icon

Full 3D visualisation

Interact with the product in a 360° immersive environment.

fully personalised avatar icon

Fully personalised avatar

Build an avatar that matches your unique body dimensions.

mix and match garments icon

Mix & Match garments

Combine different pieces to find your perfect outfit.

on demand virtual fitting icon

On-demand virtual fitting

Instantly try on clothes online, anytime, anywhere.

try before you buy in the virtual fitting icon

Try before you buy

Virtually try on outfits to make confident purchase decisions.

confidently choose the right sizes icon

Confidently select size

Improved sizing accuracy leading to a significant reduction in returns.

same clothes virtual fitting on different body sizes

Join the future marketplace


Browse & fit clothes on FitMe with a limit.


Access to FitMe marketplace

Create & save your custom 3D body

Browse & purchase hundreds of clothes

Try & fit up to 10 products/hour

Create your face

ready player me face


It will snap a picture of your face

Take a quick pic or select one from the pre-built faces


Your face will be created within 30 seconds

With Ready Player Me AI technology


Modify your face to your liking

You'll still be able to modify it later if needed

Customise your body

customise avatar body with various dimensions example

Realistic body dimensions

Full 3D 360° degree rotation

Real-time body dimension changes

Fully customisable body

Exact details or approximate measurements

Update your dimensions at anytime

And more possibilities coming soon.....

Browse & fit clothes

browse various clothes and products example browse various clothes and products example for mobile
example loose fit virtual fitting example good fit virtual fitting


How does the fitting simulation work?

We run a clothing simulation on your avatar depending on a variety of factors such as the garment's materials, the size, your body's dimensions and more.

How many clothes can we try?

You can try as many clothes as you want, test out different combinations, and see which fit you best.

Is FitMe free to use?

Yes, you can use FitMe for free within a limit.

How can I get in touch with someone from FitMe?

Join our Discord server or email us at [email protected]