Virtual Fitting Room Technology
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Lower return rates and increase conversions thanks to our immersive and realistic 3D virtual fitting room technology.

What we offer

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Increased conversion rates

Boost sales with higher purchase conversion rates.

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Increased users AOV

Improved confidence can lead to higher average order values.

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Reduced return rates

Minimise returns with more accurate sizing and customer satisfaction.

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Improved user experience

An innovative and enjoyable shopping journey for every customer.

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Boosted user engagement

With our interactive and immersive shopping experience.

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Global reach

Access customers worldwide without the need for physical presence.

same clothes virtual fitting on different body sizes

How does FitMe work for brands?

Join the future marketplace


The basics to start selling on FitMe.


Access to FitMe platform

Free display up to 10 garments

Weekday support (8am - 7pm)


Become a leader in the future of marketplaces.


Includes all in Growth plus...

Featured brand placements

Personalised brand shop front

Free display up to 50 garments

Access to Beta features

Don't have accurate 3D models of your products? Pick a plan and we'll make them!

Prepare or request 3D models

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Already have your 3D models

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Log into your brand management portal to upload the 3D garments, their information, and their product pictures.
Accepted file types: .glb .fbx .obj
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Don't have 3D models of your garments

1. Choose plan


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2. Select your garments

All except lingerie and underwear accepted

select the garments to have on the markeptlace icon

3. Send us the information, we'll get to work.

You will keep 100% ownership and rights to the 3D models

Completion time is 1-3 weeks

Upload & display to marketplace

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How do users purchase garments on FitMe marketplace?

No transaction takes place on FitMe, if users are interested they are redirected to your website's garment page.

How can I get in touch with someone from FitMe?

Join our Discord server or email us at [email protected]

We don't have accurate 3D models of our products, what should we do?

We are more than happy to make your 3D models ourselves, please get in touch at [email protected].

What happens to the Intellectual property, and who has the rights to the 3D models?

We are very strict on keeping all of your information private. You keep 100% of the rights and intellectual property of the 3D garments. You also keep 100% of the rights to the 3D models, even if you request us to make them.